Rick Alan Ross: Cult Expert, Deprogrammer, and author of ‘Cults Inside Out’

“It’s all about control, not education, not understanding.” Rick unveils how cult leaders use language, gaslighting and coercion techniques to gain unlimited power over unsuspecting, trusting individuals. As listeners we learn how to reach out to loved ones suffering from the abuse of a malignant narcissist. In this interview, with an abundance of empathy, Rick speaks directly to the victims of cult indoctrination and the victims of abusive romantic relationships.


Marcus Chambers: Olympian Hopeful and Motivational Speaker

“They thought because I was Black and fast that I enjoyed having low academic achievement.” Marcus describes his initial successes, failures and what brought him back to success on the field, in academics and as a professional speaker. This interview is chalked full of great public speaking tips for young speakers, athletes and anyone who refuses to accept society’s race and gender expectations.  


Alex Kantrowitz: Host of Big Tech Podcast, Author of ‘Always Day One’

“Freedom of speech and freedom of consideration are not mutually exclusive.” Alex gives clear, concise answers on how we can stop the spread of misinformation on social media. What responsibilities the tech giants can use to encourage more informed conversations on social media. And his own journey from behind-the-scenes journalist to on camera CNBC contributor and public speaker.


Dr Deborah Tannen: America’s Most Respected Linguist

“I research all the different ways we say what we mean.”  Dr. Tannen has authored 13 books Including You Just Don’t Understand: Men and Women in Conversation, Talking From 9 to 5: Men and Women at Work and The Argument Culture: Americas War of Words. In this interview, she takes us on an in-depth journey into conversational styles, the differences between status and connection, pacing and pausing and how the many different ways we speak affects listeners. This interview sheds light on gender and cultural communication differences and how we can bridge the gap to fully understand and appreciate our


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